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Chrisi, 18 years old, bulimic trying to recover

Sometimes you love your life, sometimes you hate it but it never gives something like normality !

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  • “ There is no
    for happiness.
    No amount of kisses,
    farmer markets,
    cups of tea,
    or core-shaking laughs
    will fix you.
    You have to save yourself.
    You have to
    for that peace. ”

    —    Michelle K., Recipe for Happiness. (via michellekpoems)

    (via maria-olympia)

    "She is in the 13th?. She looks like 14. So skinny. "

    - Oh I wanted to punch him in his face.
    Sometimes it’s the hardest to don’t notice comments.
    But this one hits me. Because I am 19 I don’t want to look like a teenager. I want to be adult.

    "Chrisi why you bought this much?"
    - This question wasn’t for me but I didn’t checked.
    I just look at her face and became really red.

    I wonder myself : At which day this comments will not count?
    At which day will this doesn’t matter anymore?

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