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Chrisi, 18 years old, bulimic trying to recover

Sometimes you love your life, sometimes you hate it but it never gives something like normality !

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    Everything you feel is gone will come back to you eventually, you didn’t wake up one day and decide to have an eating disorder, it took time to develop and it will take time to get control of. You just take it one day at a time and you’ll get there. It takes courage and hard…

    Better days are coming again I hope it so much. I were swimming with my family for first time after 4 years. It was a fight to put my bikini on. Also I were by my doctor. I have an appointment with a new therapist in two weeks.


    Its going to be ok. I have days when I binge and purge but I don’t beat myself up about it any more, its an illness and just like some one who has asthma you can’t help when you get an attack. Hope this helps am here if you need to chat and hope you feel better soon lovely…
    Dear thank you so much for this message. I had a good day today. I were shopping with a friend of me. Even a portion of ice cream seemed to be possible to handle for a while. But in the last few days it had looked like that i should better go to eating disorder treatment not only in my opinion. My doctor and my family things the same. I am so scared about have to go inpatient for second time ( even my first time weren’t because of my eating disorder). And if i can’t hold my weight in this vacations i am not allowed to drive with my A level year of school to Prag. I just want my life back but still it’s so far away in this summer. Often i am thinking what would be if i hadn’t decide to all that. I miss my old friends, a lot of my hairs, the color of my skin and eyes and i miss most of all the warmth of relationships and of my body. All in all i know that i want. I want recovery. And next week i have to search professional help again.

    “ Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe there’s no actual magic in it, but when you know what you hope for most and hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic. ”


    Taylor Laini

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    8266) When did my body, calories and sizes become the focus of my life? I miss the old, happy me.. even if she was a little bit chubby.

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