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Chrisi, 18 years old, bulimic trying to recover

Sometimes you love your life, sometimes you hate it but it never gives something like normality !

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  • überfordert mit der schule, überfordert mit meiner familie, überfordert mit meinen freunden, überfordert mit meinen gefühlen, überfordert mit meinem leben, überfordert mit dir, überfordert mit der liebe, überfordert mit dem hass, überfordert mit komplimenten, überfordert mit beleidigungen, überfordert mit der angst, überfordert mit mir selbst, überfordert mit meinen plänen, überfordert irgendwie mit allem und jedem.

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    Don’t compare what you’re going through to what someone else is going through. Just because someone else may be going through what you think is ‘worse’ than what you’re going through, it doesn’t mean what you’re going through isn’t real. Everyone has their own ‘stuff’ to get through in life. Don’t belittle your own ‘stuff’ because you think other people have it worse. You deserve to get through everything with love and support and get to the other side of things just as much as anyone else.

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    Dear Society,


    The day I was diagnosed with anorexia, people complimented me for my body. They told me they wish to have a body like mine.

    That body that hurt with every movement, the body that made my mum cry, the body that got me doctor appointments, hours of therapy, that took my smile, my life.

    They wished to look like me when I was dying.

    This is wrong. Stop promoting unhealthy low weights, stop diet culture.

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